If you’re like most Sanibel homeowners, you want your residential property to be a haven. Yet in many cases, people come home and find that things are amiss. Whether the issue is a lack of functionality, furniture that is no longer visually appealing, or some other matter, living in a substandard house can be mentally and/or physically taxing. However, learning more about mistakes you may be making with respect to your home can help you make positive changes that improve your property. With that idea in mind, consider whether you’re guilty of any of the following habits:

1. You Pile Things Up.

Whether it be books, magazines, paperwork, or all three, piling things up is a recipe for disaster. If you want your home to be tidy, make your piles neater or abandon the piling process altogether.

2. You’re Hoarding Condiments.

This could be anything from spices to sauces to pickles to spreads. In many cases, people will store some or all of these condiments in their kitchen cupboard. This practice will gobble up your storage space and result in a sticky mess of bottles and jars.

3. You Go To Bed When Your House Is A Mess.

In many cases, people come home from a hard day’s work or excessive partying and find that they are immensely tired. They then go to sleep but leave the house a mess. When they stumble out of bed the next day, they find that books, papers, plates, and glasses were left all over the coffee table and the floor. In addition to creating an unaesthetic environment, these types of things can be unsanitary.

4. You Can’t Help Collecting.

People who love collecting things will find that their habit detracts from the quality of the home. Whether its period decor, books, stamps, coins, or something else, all of these items can create a substantive mess by overburdening the property with “stuff.”

5. You Leave Projects Unfinished.

This type of bad habit transpires when an individual cleans one segment of the bathroom while leaving another region untouched. An example would be mopping the floor without tackling your shower stall. Another example would be vacuuming the living room while leaving your bedroom untouched.

6. You Don’t Store Cleaning Products Properly.

You may not have given substantive thought to how you should store your cleaning products. Yet you should, because there’s a right and wrong way to do it. For example, some people keep their cleaning products in multiple locations. Another error would be placing your cleaning products near the back region of your cabinet.

7. You Dump Your Clothes.

If you throw your coat right over your banister, you’re a clothes dumper. This practice can create a big mess fast while also leading to a form of disorganization which leaves you wondering where your clothes are.

8. You’re Piling Up Tea Bags.

People who make frequent trips to the kettle for a great cup of tea will oftentimes leave a mountain of used tea bags piled up in the sink. In addition to being unsanitary, this practice can make your kitchen unaesthetic. In the event that you’re really disappointed with the look and feel of your kitchen, the professionals of Alair Homes Sanibel can assist you. The representatives of this company offer cutting edge, customized kitchen remodeling┬áservices.

9. You Let Your Pets Sit On The Couch.

Some people let cats and dogs snuggle up to them on the sofa. This can cause hair and mud to be transferred onto your upholstery.

10. You Wear Your Shoes Inside The Home.

Some people fail to remove their shoes when they enter the home. If your footwear is mucky, you could spread debris and dirt throughout the property.

If you’re serious about getting your home in great condition, figuring out what is messing up the property is important. Use this quick reference guide to help identify and eliminate habits that can be messing up your home!