When designing or renovating a home, lighting is a key element. It adds mood and ambiance to the space and helps bring the whole look together. The experts at Alair Homes Sanibel outline 10 things to consider when adding light inside of a home.

Ceiling Height

It is vital to know how high a ceiling is before installing new lights. Some fixtures can be adjusted and others cannot, and no one wants lights that are are too high or low. Generally, the bottom of a light fixture should be 12 to 20 inches below an average eight-foot ceiling.

Over Tables

Hanging a light over a table top can be tricky. While 28 to 24 inches from the ceiling is the typical measurement, larger lamps can be higher and smaller ones can hang closer.

Plan It

Creating a design plan that includes light preferences removes the guesswork later when lamps are installed. Having too much or too little light can ruin an otherwise good room design.

Swag It

Pendant lights are a popular trend, but they can require extensive electrical re-wiring. One way around this issue is to swag the cords. This is done by wrapping them around a stylish bar or attaching them to the ceiling for an inexpensive industrial feel.

Look Up

Some spaces benefit more from using sconces and other forms of uplighting to reduce gloomy shadows. Rooms with high, sloping ceilings immediately gain a soft ambiance with this approach.

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Fresh Bulbs

When it comes to lighting, the fixture cannot be the only factor. Using the proper bulb for the space is important as well. Fluorescent, LED, and halogen bulbs come in various warm and cool hues to enhance the overall color scheme.

Riser Lights

Stairs can be dangerous during the nighttime hours. Adding riser lights is a unique way to brighten a stairway while keeping everyone safe. These lights are best installed from the sides or directly into the risers for maximum effectiveness.

Toe Lights

Toe-kick spaces under cabinets are an ideal location for an extra special glow. Strip lights in this area not only look fabulous, they also act as a night light for those midnight trips to the kitchen.

Bright Colors

Lights do not have to be boring. Using a brightly colored lampshade adds a dash of drama and a focal point to a room with more subtle tones. This is even more evident when the light is turned on.

Decorative Elements

In rooms where lights are already installed and working, using decorative elements in place of standard lampshades or sconces is an easy way to achieve a soft, ambient look.

Lighting does not have to be frustrating and difficult. Working with Alair Homes Sanibel and following the tips above will help a homeowner arrive at the right look for the design.