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Learn how building a custom home or turning your existing home into your dream home impacts the life of you and your family.


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Alair is proud to be the most trusted construction management partner of leading architects, designers, trade experts and many other award-winning industry professionals. As an Alair client, you enjoy the benefits of unmatched expertise and unparalleled commitment to integrity, transparency and value.


There is only one way to ensure a certain outcome in construction and that is to validate every detail before you ever commit to a construction agreement. At Alair, you will know every detailed cost, have the freedom to choose all selections and decide on who will carry out every function of your project before it ever starts. Certainty is the foundation of Alair’s Client Control™ and is the reason why thousands of clients have become raving fans and overwhelmingly recommend Alair to their friends and family.


Alair is the only contractor in the world that performs every project exclusively with Client Control™ Our highly trained and certified project managers empower you with authority over your project from start to finish. As an Alair client you have 24/7 visibility to validate progress and updates while maintaining authorization rights to approve every cost and milestone. Client Control™ is the new standard in residential construction management.

Home Building & Remodeling Services

in Lake Keowee

  • bathroom remodel Lake Keowee Stoney Fish Lodge

    Using quality design work, professional project management and a transparent style of doing business, Alair Homes Lake Keowee works with each client to ensure their bathrooms is organized, functional, and a beautiful space in the home.

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  • kitchen remodel Lake Keowee Modern Lake Home Service Tile

    At the heart of your home is the kitchen, and it's important to make this a space you love and your family enjoys spending time in. Our dedicated team works one-on-one with each client to make your kitchen dreams come true.

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  • home remodel Lake Keowee Stoney Fish Lodge Service Tile
    Home Remodels

    Sometimes the perfect house is not so perfect at first, but completing a major renovation can make all the difference. Alair Homes Lake Keowee can help you transform out-dated spaces into ones you love with creative design ideas and a commitment to your satisfaction.

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  • custom home Lake Keowee Casa Lago
    Custom Homes

    Building a custom home isn't meant to be a stressful experience. Our goal is to help educate and support you, making the process more engaging, enjoyable and successful.

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