Seattle Sunset

The Seattle Sunset project isn’t just about renovating a home; it’s about preserving a cherished way of life. Our clients, deeply rooted in their community and surrounded by lifelong friends, had a clear vision. They wanted to stay in the area they hold dear, and this project was their way of achieving that dream. With the expert guidance of construction2style design team, Alair Kirkland made this become a reality with every detail of this full home renovation in which was carefully curated to honor the essence of the neighborhood and reflect the vibrant spirit of its residents. Life And Light, through their lens, captures the heart and soul of this project, showcasing the transformation that allows our clients to continue basking in the warmth of their community, where memories are cherished and new chapters are written. Stay tuned for a closer look at this remarkable journey.

Square feet: 3712 S/F
Time to complete: 7 months
Design: construction2style
Photographer: Life And Light
Architect: Construction 2 Style

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