19 Jan 2024 Northern Virginia Luxury Home Design Trends Unveiled: Embracing Elegance, Sustainability, and Tech-Infused Living

In Home Trends by alairhomeshuntcountry

2024 offers us a kaleidoscope of colors, unique materials, and dynamic layouts. From earthy tones and sustainable materials to mixed materials, moody tones, and functional… Read More

10 Aug Transform Your Home into an Outdoor Oasis: Bring the Inside Out

Imagine stepping into your own piece of outdoor paradise from the comfort of your own home. The idea of bringing the inside out not only… Read More

14 Jul What’s Trending in Faucet Fixtures

In Custom Home Design Trends, Home Trends by alairhomeshuntcountry

The smallest details can make the biggest statement in your home. Whether you are remodeling or building a new, custom home, you can incorporate spectacular… Read More

21 Jan Side Entrance Enhancements for Every Season

In Custom Home Building, Home Trends by alairhomeshuntcountry

When our clients are designing their homes, they are eager to consider how their front entrance will welcome their guests upon their arrival. But one… Read More

21 Dec Luxury Trends in Custom Homebuilding for 2023

As we look to see what’s trending in luxury custom homebuilding for 2023, we see how things we suddenly had to do have become things… Read More

21 Oct Purpose Building Your Home for Both Gathering and Living

As we enter the holidays and a changing of the seasons there is also a season of change for home design. The comfortable living and… Read More

16 Sep Right Spacing: Building Purpose into Every Room

In Custom Home Renovation, Home Trends, Working From Home by alairhomeshuntcountry

Creating your world—the one you feel at home in—is a reality that is closer than you may think! In today’s world, building a home that… Read More

12 Feb Increasing Function in the Confines of Your Existing Space

In Custom Home Renovation, Home Trends by alairhomeshuntcountry

 A new year can inspire us to renew and revive. If you have found that your home isn’t supporting your needs, it may be time… Read More


In Home Trends by alairhomeshuntcountry

Current trends are a designer’s bread and butter as well as their biggest nemesis. Good design strives to be cutting edge but also classic, relevant… Read More

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