Color in a house makes it feel warm and inviting. And new, custom homes are a perfect place to add in some personal touches, especially those that include pops of color. Many new houses have a lot of blank walls that are just waiting to be splashed with a coat of paint. But paint isn’t the only way to add color to your custom home. You can add plenty of it through the furniture, art, and lighting elements that you choose.


Furniture is a design element that you shouldn’t overlook. Take time to choose pieces of furniture in colors and shapes that you love. For instance, you could choose orange upholstered chairs with clean lines for an adjoining dining room table or metallic bar stools for your breakfast bar. Also, if you get tired of a certain color on an upholstered piece of furniture but still love the shape, you can upholster the furniture again with a different material in a few years. For something that is really easy to switch out, simply add a few throw pillow or cushions to some existing seating.

Window Treatments

Don’t forget about how powerful a window treatment can be. A bright red pull-down shade will not only block out the light and heat from the sun, but it will also add an eye-catching splash of color that is amplified by the sunlight illuminating it from outside.


Whenever you’re doing kitchen design, giving your kitchen a few pieces of artwork can add a lot of color and style. You can go with a traditional painting hung on a wall, but don’t limit yourself on your ideas. Artwork can be many mediums and subjects. If you want to remember your children when they were little, a photo of them printed on canvas can be art. In areas of the kitchen that are away from heating elements and appliances, you can also play with different materials like art made with fabric. For artwork that surrounds the stovetop, metals such as copper can add a bit of colorful panache.

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Pendant Lights

In an otherwise white kitchen, pendant lights can be a bold design element. Glass pendants come in blues, reds, purples, greens, and almost any other color imaginable. Go to a lighting and design store and let your imagination roam. This type of lighting is especially great over islands and workspaces.


Your flooring is yet another surface that you can use to add some color. Just choose a rug that works with the style of your custom home kitchen. For instance, if you have a traditional kitchen, there are beautiful runner rugs for long, thin areas of the kitchen.

If you’re looking to add some color to your kitchen design, there are plenty of ways to do it. And many of them are fairly easy to change out according to your changing preferences. Discuss your color palette when you contact the design and construction professionals at Alair Homes Greensboro. We’ll help you walk through ideas and create a space that you’re sure to love.