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Hiring the right general contractor in Greensboro for help with your custom home construction or home renovation project is one of the leading steps that you can take upfront to start your project on the right foot. An experienced contracting firm will take the lead throughout the project to ensure that work progresses on time and on budget and to ensure that the quality of the work meets or exceeds your expectations. At Alair Homes Greensboro, our reputable contracting team will work hard to impress you with an amazing experience at all stages. You understandably want to vet several leading contractors before deciding who to hire. As you explore the options, use these steps to guide your efforts.

Seek Recommendations From Trusted Sources

The best step that you can take to develop a short list of candidates is to request recommendations from people you know personally. Think about co-workers, neighbors, friends and others who have recently built a new home or renovated part of their current property. Reach out to these individuals to get positive or negative feedback about the contractors they used. If this effort is not productive, you can also look for feedback through online reviews. Some great sources to use when searching for online reviews are RenoMark, Angie’s List, Houzz and the BBB.

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Contact References

With your short list of leading contracting firms in Greensboro in hand, you can take the next important step of checking references. Each reputable contracting company on your list should be able to provide you with at least a handful of references for recent projects. Ask for a list of references that includes the owner’s contact information, the property address, the type of work completed and the completion date. For projects that involved exterior work on the home, consider driving by the home to see the end result for yourself. Remember to pick up the phone and contact each reference personally. Prepare a list of questions to ask each one before calling so that you can get all of the information that you need with a single phone call.

Get Details About Project Management

Before you meet with a manager from a contracting firm in Greensboro in person, ask about project management over the phone. This is a critical question that can help you to eliminate many companies from consideration. If you have a larger project, this question is increasingly vital. You understandably want one contact point in the company to reach out to for status updates and questions throughout the process. You also may realize the benefit of having the same skilled individual overseeing the entire project rather than having multiple individuals trying to keep tabs on the effort on different days. Asking about how your project will be managed and getting information about this person’s experience and skills are essential steps.

Meet in Person

You likely only have a few companies remaining on your list at this point. To finalize your hiring decision from these top contenders, meet with each manager in person. A reputable contractor may be willing to walk you through a few active projects upon request. As you explore these sites, pay attention to how diligent and friendly the workers are. Check to see if the work area is organized and reasonably tidy. Ask the contracting manager a list of prepared questions so that you can make a more informed decision.

A home renovation or construction project in Greensboro is a lengthy, expensive project, and the result directly affects your finances, your property value, your living experience and more. When you expect great things from your contracting firm, Alair Homes Greensboro is the right company to contact for assistance.