A home renovation is a large undertaking, and it often brings stress. Whether it is arguments about budget or colors, the anxiety can make the project seem longer than it already is. The professionals at Alair Homes Greensboro outline the six most common causes of stress during a remodel job.

No Clear Starting Point

A major source of stress is not knowing exactly how to begin a project. Homeowners often worry about permits, contractors, and if their property can withstand a new wing or separate structure. Hiring a someone to match a homeowner with local professionals is an excellent first step to keep overwhelming worry away.

Sticker Shock

Remodels are expensive. They become even more so when “scope creep” sets in, and the homeowner enters a state of shock about the cost. This problem is avoided if the homeowner presents a budget up front and hires professionals to keep the project on track. This approach allows contractors to present a ballpark figure for everything involved in the job, keeping costs and expectations closer to reality.

No Firm Timeline

Few things are more frustrating than a job that seems to go on forever. This often occurs because there are delays or other problems that have not been communicated to the homeowner. The issue can be largely avoided by using subcontractors that have open time and buying products locally that will not be hung up in shipping. Weekly meetings regarding the project schedule will keep things moving along.

Too Many Changes

A renovation job often runs too long or over budget due to the homeowner wanting too many changes. This occurs when there is not a solid plan in place or a married couple argues over details. Going through magazines, creating a scrapbook and making wish lists before the project begins will help to whittle down options and avoid making costly changes later on.

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Not Preparing for the Unexpected

Even with the best of plans, the unexpected can still happen. Whether a home is newer or older, surprises can lurk in walls and under floors. There should be a buffer in the budget and the timeline to cover any extra expenses and work that may crop up while the job is underway.

Poor Communication

One large cause of stress during a remodel is poor communication between homeowners and contractors. Homeowners may not know what questions they should be asking, which can result in unsatisfactory work that needs to be redone. Consulting with friends and family who have gone through the remodel process will help a homeowner avoid this pitfall. Having regularly scheduled meetings with the contractors and other professionals will open the lines of communication and keep everyone on the same page.

A dream home should not turn into a nightmare. Working with Alair Homes Greensboro and following the tips above during the renovation process will ensure optimal results.