You want a custom home, but you also have no desire to go through the building process or wait so long to move into your new home. Now you’re looking at existing homes wondering if you can find something that works for you and your family. Do you really want something that works for you and your family, or do you want exactly what you want and need for your family? It’s a loaded question, and there is no right or wrong answer. However, building a custom home does come with a long list of surprising and not-so-surprising benefits.

Building Doesn’t Require Remodeling

While some people live for the excitement of a beautiful remodel, do you want to live in a construction zone with your family? Most people don’t, but there are times when it’s best. If you can find a beautiful home for a price well below what it’s worth that will increase significantly in value after a remodel, the best financial decision is to buy that home. However, buying a home that’s already priced where it should be and still needs work means spending more money and living in a construction zone. Building allows you to avoid all that.

Building Means You Have Peace of Mind

When you build a home, everything is brand-new. You’re not worried about overflowing septic tanks, plumbing leaks, mold in the bathrooms, or even the condition of your appliances. It’s all new, and you probably have several years of peaceful living prior to worrying something isn’t working or putting any money into your appliances or home. Add the warranties you’re getting in a new home to that peace of mind, and you’re doing yourself a favor building your new home.

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Building Gives You What You Want

Buying often means compromising. If you need four bedrooms and want a big, open floor plan, you might need to decide which is most important when it comes to buying. You don’t always get what you want when you buy, and sometimes you make compromises. If you build, you’re not making any compromises between your wants and needs.

Building Gives You the Power

Power is a nice feeling when you build. You’re not buying that perfect home in a neighborhood you don’t love as much. You’re building that perfect home in the exact location you love the most. You have the power to get all you want and need, and you have the power to decide what’s most important to you during the building process.

Building Offers Simple Satisfaction

Do you want to live in a home you have to look at as imperfect until you have the time and finances to remodel, or do you want to live in a home in which every nook and cranny is absolutely perfect? Satisfaction comes from loving your home from top to bottom. Building allows you to do just that.

Building a new home is a process, but Alair Homes Greensboro works hard to ensure homeowners enjoy the process!