If your home improvements include a kitchen makeover, why not include the color blue in your design or decoration? Blue is one of the most dominant colors in nature, while it gets limited use in the home, especially the kitchen. Blue has a calming effect on humans and can spark creativity, both of which are good in this important room.

The Many Shades of Blue

Some people like the palest blues imaginable, while others like the deep, dark, rich blues associated with royalty and formality. Aside from any associations with history, culture, or preferences, design professionals advise that people use light blues in small spaces and dark hues in larger spaces.

Where to Use Blue

The most common occurrence in nature of blue is the sky, and you can replicate it as the ceiling color. Let your imagination guide you as to whether you want the ceiling to be monochromatic or include some of the colors and features of the actual sky. The beauty of using paint to bring blue in is that it’s inexpensive for home improvements and only as permanent as you’d like it to be.

Consider using a bank of blue cabinet doors as an accent wall or scale it back by using the color just for the pantry or a built-in desk. It’s also possible to use blue as a wainscoting color for the walls in a kitchen nook.

Blue occurs in stone and masonry flooring and countertop materials in varying degrees, which might make it attractive on your floors or counters. Minus that kind of coverage, consider blue for the backsplash behind the sink or stove or run small blue tiles as an outline around an otherwise solid-color floor.

Put It on the Appliances

Some manufacturers give you color options for dishwashers, refrigerators and kitchen vent fans . Use this to your advantage and allow the larger appliances in the room set the tone. You can also find blue blenders, toasters and mixers to use as accents on the counters.

Blue as Bits and Pieces

Kitchen linens are another way to introduce blue as a dominant or incidental color. Hot pads, kitchen towels, placemats rugs and curtains are all available in blue solids, prints and plaids. If there’s room on the walls, bring in blue as pictures or frames. Consider using blue vases or planters for a kitchen herb garden.

Photo by Alair Homes Green BayLook for kitchen design inspiration

Bottom Line

If you’re searching for a new way to colorize the kitchen as you make home improvements, don’t be shy about using blue. It’s a natural in the kitchen to make it a creative, calmer and more relaxing place for the whole family.