While television home design shows give the impression that a makeover can be done in a matter of days, it takes much longer in reality. A single bathroom can take up to three months, and a kitchen can take six months or longer. The experts at Alair Homes Dallas offer the following advice for creating a realistic timeline.

Do Research

This stage is for pulling together inspiration and ideas to form a solid plan. The internet is an excellent source of design examples as are magazines or simply looking at houses in person. It may take several years to move a design from the idea level to the action stage. This time allows for a cohesive plan to come together.

Obtain Permits

Nothing stalls a construction project faster than a lack of required permits. Whether it is a basement, an addition or a complete house renovation, check your local laws to keep everything on track. This step should also be used to gather documents, create a budget and set realistic goals.


Photo by Alair Homes Dallas by JRH Design+BuildDiscover kitchen design inspiration


Build a Timeline

One pitfall many encounter when renovating is only accounting for the time of actual work. Homeowners may not consider the down time of waiting for materials or tradespeople to become available. That may mean not being able to start the project immediately. Realistically, any project requires a design phase, a construction phase and a buffer phase. The first two phases may last several months. The latter is extra time allowed for any contingencies, such as weather or difficulty obtaining materials.

Create a Budget

The key to creating a renovation budget is being honest with the designer about how much can be spent and what that amount will allow. Never assume that a designer will make the project work despite financial constraints. A professional consultation during the planning stage can act as a guideline toward setting a realistic budget. The consultation also helps homeowners to avoid problems later on that may stall the entire process.

Begin Work

The right time to start renovation work can vary. If the project must be completed by a hard deadline, the plan should have a healthy amount of buffer time. Even if a designer is always available, that may not be the case for all of the required tradespeople who may have other commitments. Starting work during a slow time can offset the busier spring and summer seasons or the winter holidays when it is more difficult to find workers. The best approach is to start the design process a year early to avoid stress and make the project more fun.

A home renovation is a large undertaking. Proper research, planning and a realistic timeline will lead to a smooth project with beautiful results. Contact Alair Homes Dallas today if you need help with your project timeline and making your dream home a reality.