Finding the perfect home can be nearly impossible, especially with the latest cutting-edge technological developments. You might be able to get the right size, number of bedrooms and baths, but what about kitchen, HVAC and other features? Once you have reached a certain standard of living with a high income and ample asset base, you might want to look into custom home costs. Why settle for someone else’s dream, when you can build your own dream home? Here is how to estimate time and prices for custom homes in Dallas, Texas.

Sizzling Dallas Real Estate Market

The first thing you need to know is that the Dallas Fort Worth property market has been red hot lately. It continues to set new records and has been ranked amongst the Top 5 American property markets for a couple of years now. For 2017, the Dallas Zillow Average Home Price was $164,700.

While, some Midwestern towns are losing jobs, Dallas continues to be blessed with an abundance of energy sector jobs. These oil exploration, drilling and refining jobs also tend to be middle to upper income. Therefore, many of the high-end North Texas homes are being bought up, forcing others to consider custom home costs.

What is Your Ideal Home “Wish List?”

When you first start out, you might not know what you want in your housing dwelling. But over time, you develop a “Wish List” of features, fixtures, technology and room arrangements. Perhaps, some of the cutting-edge technology was not even available before.

Thinking about what to add to your custom home can be fun. Would you like to add walk-in closets, a large screen TV that recesses into the ceiling or some kitchen preparation islands, which would make a culinary chef proud? As your family grows, you might want to add a full-time nursery, entertainment room or full-time senior care nursing assistant room for your aging parents.

Dallas Custom Home Designing

Bring your wish list in with you and talk to one of our professionals at Alair Homes Dallas. We will take our time, making sure that all of your specifications are just right. This optimizes your chances of having the perfect home built.

Measure twice, cut once

Unlike large cookie-cutter, housing developments, which offer 4 to 5 basic models, the sky is the limit for custom homes in Dallas. You will be able to decide which screws, door knobs, bathroom cabinets, windows and parts will be used to build your masterpiece. Alair Homes Dallas professionals can create a line item estimate for parts and labor.

Alair Homes Dallas Does It Your Way

When you select the fixtures yourself, a house can truly become your own special family home. Every customized inch can maximize your comfort, convenience and efficiency. It will take time, but our thorough Alair Homes Dallas custom home process diligence pays off in the end. It is your life – build the ideal living space for all of your family needs.