Written by Peter Michelson, Partner

My friend Jack called me last year to share the terrible news that he might have prostate cancer. Jack and I have been life-long friends, ever since we attended nursery school together in metro Boston. Neither time nor distance have diminished our soul-brotherhood. I was so distressed to hear this horrible news, that my dear friend, in his early 50’s, with a 6-year-old beautiful little girl, Helen, could be in such peril. On the bright side, however, was the fact that Jack lived in New York City and had access to the finest oncologists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. This gave me assurance that the right course of action would be followed.

Jack’s doctors were extensive in their evaluation. They ordered blood work. They ordered biopsies. They ordered MRIs. They ordered ultrasounds. They wanted to know exactly, to the best of their abilities, what they were dealing with before determining the best course of action and creating his plan of care.

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Getting to Know Clients and their Houses

In some ways, our professional home remodeling approach follows the same methodology as the doctors at Sloan Kettering. When a client in Morningside, Decatur or Sandy Springs comes to us with a new project, really it is about, to the best of our abilities, doing whatever the client wants and needs that matters the most. We get to know each client. Our first steps involve finding out about their family, their lifestyle, their challenges and goals and their home.

This same methodology holds true for every project, regardless of the budget or how large or small the job is – whether they are renovating their kitchen, doing a whole house remodel, adding a new master suite off the rear of the house, or a new second story addition. Conversations and communication always come first.

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The Home Remodeling Process

Before any design work begins, our team of plumbers, electricians, HVAC, framers, designers and other professional contractors all show up, on site, at a pre-design meeting. Together, we inspect the “patient” inside and out, discovering everything we can. “Biopsies” are common; cutting discreet holes in the wall, to peek in and determine what mechanical or structural components might be there. As professional remodelers, this is our version of due-diligence. It leads to certainty. It leads to a better design. It leads to better outcomes. It increases the level of satisfaction our clients feel throughout their experience and after their project is complete. This is what home remodeling should be all about.

Now, back to my friend Jack. What was his outcome, you might wonder? He had prostate cancer. But, because of the investigative work his doctors did, they successfully removed his prostate, and I am grateful to say that Helen will grow up with her dad.

If you’re ready to remodel your home or simply exploring the idea of taking on a new project, contact Alair Homes Decatur. Let’s discuss your project, do some due diligence and bring your ideas to life, together.