Adam Kilgore

The Perfect Lot in Cuyahoga Falls

You wouldn’t be alone in finding comfort in Cuyahoga Falls and the surrounding communities for it truly is the perfect location to settle down. It has access to the outdoors from every neighborhood, robust local attractions, and a lively community scene. Not to mention, 60% of homeowners in the Cuyahoga Falls area are families.

However, if you’ve been looking for a house, you know the process isn’t always smooth sailing. After searching for your dream home in Cuyahoga Falls, you may have one pressing question: do you have to compromise to get what you want?

Do you buy the perfect house that’s not in your preferred location? What do you do if you find the ideal neighborhood, but the house doesn’t have the bones to remodel it into the home you’ve always wanted?

Thankfully, there is an alternative to this all too common problem. Crafting your dream homesite in the Cuyahoga Falls area starts with talking to the team here at Alair Homes Cuyahoga Falls.

When you meet with our team, we take the following steps to make sure you get what you want–your dream home in your desired location.

1. Help you partner with an Alair professional

Cuyahoga Falls has a population of nearly 50K people and just over 21,000 households. To say you have your fair share of choices when it comes to building a life here would be an understatement.

This is where my team can help!

When you meet with the team at Alair Homes Cuyahoga Falls, our first step is to meet with you and identify your unique needs. By first understanding how to best support your lifestyle, we have received a proven track record of helping soon-to-be homeowners find precisely what they want.

While several realtors can help you find a house in Cuyahoga Falls, not all realtors can help you find a brand new lot where you can build your dream house. With an Alair approved realtor, you will find someone who will listen to your desires, work to understand your concerns, and will help you discover new lots that check all the boxes on your list.

2. Determine if it’s feasible to build on the site

white terrace with wooden chairs
Our experts will assess your lot to determine its full potential.

Once you’ve selected a few potential lots to build your home, our inspectors a member of our project management team will go out and look at the land.

The purpose of these visits is to determine the feasibility of construction. The last thing you want to do is get your heart set on a specific site, only to learn that there are geological, zoning or permitting, or problems.

Our experts will check the site to make sure it’s eligible for water, drainage, and other city services. The inspectors will also ensure the area can get electricity, internet, and other critical home services to the site.

Additionally, the team will evaluate the land and come up with an estimate of what the initial infrastructure investment would be.

3. Determine the True Value

If the lot passes all the tests, the next step is to determine a fair price for the land. This service is where consulting with the team at Alair Cuyahoga Falls is worth its weight in gold.

Instead of sending you blindly into a sale, we will do the hard work for you. We will work with you and your realtor to dive deep into the research, find comps, and arm you with information that will help you get the best value.

The team here at Alair Homes Cuyahoga Falls has provided many clients with this service, and it has proved to be invaluable.

4. Maximize Your Home Build

Not only do we help you with lot research, but we continue to partner with our clients throughout the construction process to find ways to maximize your home build. Before construction even begins we will thoroughly strategize to find the best features to suit your lifestyle.

We begin every project with a consultation to get to know all about you! Through our Client Control Model, we aim to empower our clients to take an active role in helping co-create the perfect space. This model combines the best qualities of the common Fixed Price and Cost Plus building models.

Ability to make finish product selections.
Client keeps 100% ownership of the property throughout the process.
Buying power passed directly to the client.
Full breakdown of management hours.
Clients have complete transparency to the costs, including markup.
Ability to change selections and scope during construction with no penalty.
The price of the job is known up front, prior to construction commencing.
All encompassing service, from lot sourcing and designing to move-in services.
Clients have absolute control over their vision for the project from day one.

You see, with this kind of personalized project management we put an emphasis on custom. Throughout the entire process we offer full transparency into our pricing structure, so you know exactly how your hard earned money is being allocated.

5. Partner with a trusted builder

The last step is the best part of the process. The whole purpose of selecting a lot and building a new home is so that you can create exactly the home you want in your preferred location.

The talented builders at Alair will listen to your ideas come up with solutions you never dreamed were possible.

Before starting construction, you’ll be able to review all the plans with your Project Manager, make any adjustments, and craft the home of your dreams. Throughout construction you are kept up to date thanks to our proprietary online portal. Communication is our priority and keeping our clients informed throughout the construction process ensures satisfaction. From start to finish you are partnered with an Alair Project Manager who will act as your champion in home building.

Wrap Up

It’s no wonder you selected the Cuyahoga Falls area to buy a lot and build your house. The city is the perfect place to settle down and become part of a great community.

Remember, building the home of your dreams doesn’t have to involve compromise. When you work with the team at Alair Cuyahoga Falls, you can get it all. Contact us today to set up a consultation.