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Whether it be niche breweries, or affordable yet chic apartment options, Charlotte is becoming a hot spot for millennials. According to an analysis by SmartAsset, Charlotte has the highest influx of millennials than any other city in the United States. The data, collected from the 2015 Census, showed that Charlotte had a millennial net gain of over 10,000. But, what is it that makes Charlotte so desirable for the largest generation in the workforce?

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars

The proximity of bars and café’s has become one of the highest determining factors in where Millennials choose to live. In Charlotte, there is no shortage of breweries or eccentric nightclubs, which gives millennials plenty of options to choose from, while being within the city. With the presence of Johnson & Wales University, it’s no surprise that the restaurant scene is booming as well.


With the corporate headquarters of companies like Bank of America and Lowe’s, jobs are plentiful here in Charlotte. In addition to a bounty of jobs, millennials have a variety of employment opportunities ranging from finance to technology, which makes the queen city even more enticing.


As millennials pour in, there is no shortage of places for them to live. Uptown Charlotte in particular is experiencing rapid growth in luxury apartments, which are ideal for millennials, especially when these favorable apartments don’t always break the bank. Even with the boom in multi-family housing, the notion that millennials don’t want to own a home is just not true. Millennials are now one of the largest contributors to Charlottes new home construction market.

Not too Big, Not too Small

With nearly 850,000 residents, Charlotte is big enough to provide millennials with opportunities and urban appeal, without leaving them overwhelmed. Many millennials are looking for diverse and creative places that aren’t chaotic.

Startup Growth

Charlotte has been developing it’s own unique startup scene, and is doing so with great success. Companies such as AvidXchange and MapAnything are great examples. With startups being a popular employment choice among millennials, this is just another significant factor in the influx of millennials.