An unforgettable kitchen only needs one or two unusual ideas to become truly memorable. Consider these fifteen ideas in your kitchen if you’re considering a remodeling project soon.

Photo by Alair Homes CharlotteLook for transitional kitchen design inspiration


1. Bright Cabinets
An easy way to change the entire look of the kitchen is with a bright cabinet color. Traditional treatments like white or stained cabinets can be boring. Choose an unexpected color like aqua or red.

2. Dual Colors
Instead of painting cabinets the same color throughout the entire kitchen, pick one color for the upper cabinets and one color for the lower ones.

3. Craftsman Cabinets
In a craftsman home, you’d expect to find gorgeous cabinets that were carved by hand. They can be beautiful in any style home as well as being unexpected.

Wall Treatments

4. Wallpaper
People often forget about wallpaper to bring in a bold, graphic style to the kitchen. Use it on one wall to create a focal point in the room.

5. Unusual Tile Shapes
Backsplash is a place where the homeowner can get a little wild. Use tile shapes that you wouldn’t in the rest of the home like triangles, diamonds or hexagons.

Kitchen Transformation
Photo by Alair Homes CharlotteDiscover transitional kitchen design ideas


6. Kitchen Beams
Adding beams to the kitchen can bring a high, vaulted ceiling into range to become a cozy space. They’re easy additions that make a huge impact.

7. Expose the Wood
You can take out the ceiling tiles to expose the wood beneath the ceiling in the kitchen. It’s a simple, yet, memorable way to change the entire look of the kitchen.


8. Memorable Lighting
Creating your own pendants will make the kitchen memorable. Stay away from traditional. Try using a vintage wood ladder wrapped in string lights for a unique change of pace.

9. Crystal Chandelier
A crystal chandelier in the kitchen can add a bit of sparkle and glamour to a space that might otherwise be traditional and boring.

Photo by Alair Homes CharlotteSearch transitional kitchen design ideas


10. Under the Stove
With the use of an induction stovetop, you can add more storage to a small kitchen by utilizing the space under it.

11. Configure Your Cabinets
Cabinets don’t have to end at the edge of the kitchen. Bring them into the rest of the home if you have that ability. You can leave them open or add unusual doors to certain parts of the cabinet system.

Counters and Island

12. Glass Island
In a modern space, you can bring in a sleek piece of glass to be added to an island. It can even be illuminated.

13. Copper Island
It’s simple to add copper to create a beautiful island in the middle of a kitchen. It can be paired with a copper backsplash or copper range hood.

14. Island and Refrigerator
For a vintage look to a kitchen, you can use an unusual color for a refrigerator and match that color in the island. An old-fashioned red or green refrigerator can look fresh and modern when paired with the island of the same color.


15. Lounge Seating
Instead of a traditional kitchen table and chairs, banquette seating can give you a lounge feel in the kitchen. It’ll seat more people than a normal kitchen table too.

These unusual ideas for your Charlotte kitchen will create a space that is memorable, and your guests won’t soon forget the way your home made them feel.