A homeowner who’s finding their kitchen to be a bit drab doesn’t need to break the bank to add some much needed color to the room. If your kitchen remodeling budget is limited, are some ways to add zest to the heart of the house:

Paint the Walls

Paint offers an inexpensive way to change the mood in a kitchen for a minimal cost. All of the walls in the room can be painted, or one wall can be used as an accent wall for an area of color. If it is only one wall, consider using a bright, bold hue such as cherry red, grass green or sapphire blue to really bring life into the space.

Paint the Cabinets

If you are tired of white or neutral cabinets, you don’t have to replace them with costly custom cabinets to make an impact. Paint your current cabinets instead. Since having cabinets of two hues is a trend in 2018, paint either the wall cabinets or the floor cabinets. Again, this is a great way to incorporate a strong hue without it being too much for the rest of the decor.

Add Wallpaper

Homeowners often believe that wallpaper is too fragile for the heat and humidity in a custom kitchen. This may be true of regular wallpaper, but speciality wallpaper exists that is sturdy enough to do kitchen or bathroom duty. To be especially safe, the wallpaper can be paired with a colorful backsplash. Putting up wallpaper can be a chore, so get in touch with a professional for help.

Colorful Chairs

Another trend is to paint old fashioned chairs pretty pastel hues, and place them around the table or island. The chairs don’t have to be all one hue either. Mix flamingo pink, sky blue, lemon yellow, lilac or some other fun shades for a bold effect. If that’s not to your taste, the metal frames of bar stools or chairs can be powder coated in different colors. You can also opt for chairs made entirely of metal with warm tones such as copper.

Put Mats on the Floor

One of the least expensive ways to add color to the room is to buy remnants of Oriental-style rugs and simply lay them on the floor. They’re not only colorful but protect bare feet from hard, cold floor tiles.

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Hang Lamps With Colored Shades

Add pendant lamps with brightly colored shades, whether they be of glass, metal or another material. Another very interesting trick is to install LED lights that change color with the touch of a button. This is a cool way to enhance the mood during a party or a romantic evening. Speaking of cool, LEDs are not only cool to the touch but very long lasting and energy efficient.

Open Shelves

If you really want to invite colorful items into the kitchen, put up open shelves and store cookware, dinner service and pantry items on them. The drawback with open shelving is that it has to be kept somewhat tidy, and the shelves need to be dusted more often than not. However, it’s nothing if not colorful. If nothing but open shelves is simply too much to live with, opt for one wall of shelves to display the prettiest items of the dinner service.

These are some simple ideas for adding color to your custom kitchen. They’re certainly a great way to make a change, but if more expansive kitchen remodeling is on your mind, contact Alair Homes Chandler for assistance. Our design and construction professionals are ready to help you make your custom kitchen dreams a reality, so you can get more and save money too. Let us know how we can help.