Most Chandler, Arizona homeowners agree that a kitchen space is one of the most important one in their homes, but still majority of them settle down for a boring old styles that had been in the marketplace for decades. Well, it does not have to be so. Consider some of these fifteen novice and interesting ideas that can uplift your kitchen and make the time you spend there incredibly more fun.

1. Combine a dining room with your kitchen with a lounge-style banquette. Not many people use those formal dining areas anyway, so if you combine that space with your kitchen, it could be tripled in size and seriously become jaw-dropping impressive. By using connecting banquettes, you can create a cozy dinner atmosphere where your family and friends can relax while you work besides them around your stove.

2. Make a dining table on wheels. That way you can move the table around and tucked it under the counter or island to serve as a breakfast bar or position it in the center of the room for a larger dinner crowd. And if you use wheels that have breaks, you are certain that the table will be as stable as if it had no wheels at all.

3. Paint your island and your fridge in the same vibrant color. Turquoise color might not be the usual one to be used on a fridge, but if it is a vintage model, it can look great when it is complemented on the island, giving it all a vivid beach bungalow feel.

Kitchen Remodels
Photo by Alair Homes ChandlerMore modern kitchen ideas

4. Wallpaper selected parts of your kitchen. Most homeowners as well as builders dread doing so to the kitchen, but if a small section of the wall is selected and covered with a premium wallpaper, it can elevate and refine the whole look of the space.