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As fall approaches and the days become shorter, it is important to take care of household chores that prepare you and your home for the coming winter. Make your interior sparkle and your exterior ready for any kind of weather. From the inside to outside, here is your fall home checklist.

  1. Deep-Clean Your Kitchen – The fall is a great time of year to deep clean your kitchen and prepare for winter baking and holiday cooking. Start by degreasing your stove and oven, vacuuming behind your refrigerator and cleaning the tops of your cabinets.
  2. Inspect Your Energy Output & Safety Devices – You can hire a professional to audit the energy efficiency of your home, or you can inspect your home on your own. It is also wise to check safety devices throughout your house. Assess your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, hire a radon inspector, and check your fire extinguisher.
  3. Take Care of Heater and/or Chimney Maintenance – Fall is the time to hire a professional to check out your home heating system. Have your furnace inspected to make sure it is working properly. If you have a chimney, have it cleaned and inspected before you light that cozy winter fire.
  4. Take Care of Yard Work – Prepare for heavy winter snow in your yard and rake up those fall leaves. Trim any trees or shrubs that may pose a hazard when covered in ice and snow. If you have any dead or sick trees, the fall is a good time to have them removed.
  5. Winterize Exterior of Home – Clean out your downspouts, gutters, and apply proper weather stripping to help insulate your home. Shut off exterior water faucets and drain any outdoor hoses to prevent your pipes from freezing. It is a good idea to store hoses indoors during the winter.
  6. Check for Any Outdoor Gaps – When inspecting your home for any energy leaks, it’s also good to check for any open spaces where insects and critters can enter your home. Seal these openings in the fall before any animals have a chance to take refuge for the winter.
  7. Stock Winter Supplies – 
    During the fall, it is wise to stock up on winter supplies. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, make sure your wood supply is ready to go. Prepare your vehicles as well, stocking up on winter fluids and ice-scrapers. It is also a good time to buy salt or another type of ice-melt.

The fall brings beautiful colors, cozy evenings and early sunsets. During the autumn season, it is a great time to enjoy the remaining mild weather and take care of your home – inside and out. With this fall home check list, you will have a great start on preparing your home and your family for the coming winter season.