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Renovating your home takes time and patience, and staying organized throughout the course of your project goes a long way toward keeping you from feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. Your goal in staying organized should be to minimize the impact this renovation has on your lifestyle and your family while ensuring each task is completed in a detailed, thoughtful way. Here are some tips to get you started.

83821442Early Organization of Your Home Renovation

Organizing your remodel begins early. Before you ever lift a hammer, make a wish list that includes all you would like to get done, and make it as detailed as possible. Include details about finishings, pictures to pull inspiration from and information about the costs you expect to incur along the way. Having a big picture of your project in writing can help you to set priorities, make decisions about each task and delegate projects that are outside your scope of expertise.

Renovation Costs

After you have your big picture in place, take some time to visit some home improvement stores to get a better idea about the costs of materials. Look locally and online to find the best prices on all of your materials. If you are buying any items in bulk, ask at specialty stores or suppliers to see if you can secure any discounts or special incentives. Remember to add in the cost of any sub-contractors you might need to hire, and also consider adding a cushion of up to 25-percent to cover any unanticipated costs that come up along the way.

Inspections, Permits and Paperwork

Once you have a good idea about the particulars of your project and your budget, consult with local officials to gain a good idea about permits and inspections. In most cases, your town’s municipality office can provide all the information you need. Also make sure to consult with our homeowners association, if applicable, to complete any paperwork and pay any associated fees. Skipping this step can cost you time and money in the long run, and it can make it difficult to sell your house at a later time if you choose to do so.

Hiring Subcontractors

Next, discuss your project with any sub-contractors you might need to hire. This can include plumbers, electricians, drywall specialists, flooring experts and custom cabinet makers. Take the time to talk to a few sub-contractors, and compare their prices and experience level apples to apples. Also ask friends and neighbors for suggestions about whom to use. This important step will help you to find the best contractors and secure the lowest costs for your home renovation.

Home Renovation Timeline

At this point, you are almost ready to start construction. Create a timeline for your project that includes information about when various materials will be delivered, the times when sub-contractors will be working in your home and when inspections are tentatively scheduled for. While you might not have some of this information right at the beginning of construction, keep your timeline current throughout the renovation to help avoid unexpected delays and confusion.

Storage and Accommodations

Next, plan for storage and accommodations. Pack up the rooms you plan to renovate. This keeps your belongings safe and out of the way of construction. Additionally, consider if your family will stay in the house throughout the renovation or relocate. If you are staying at home, make plans for where you will cook and eat if you are renovating your kitchen, shower or bathe if you are renovating a bathroom or spend recreational time if you are renovating a basement. The area you are renovating may be unusable for several days, weeks or months, so plan accordingly.

If getting organized for your home renovation has you feeling frustrated, there is a better way. Alair Homes professional general contractors handle all the details of your renovation and save you money in the process. From scheduling inspections, to hiring sub-contractors, to leveraging our award-winning reputation and securing the best prices on materials and supplies, we make home renovations less stressful and more enjoyable every step of the way. Give us a call for your free, no-obligation consultation.