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The smart home trend has been sweeping the country as of late, with more and more American homeowners choosing to automate various aspects of their homes, including lighting, security, entertainment and climate control. In fact, 45 percent of those who are renovating their homes choose to add on at least one smart device during the course of the remodel. Smart home devices include any aspect of the home that can be adjusted or controlled using the homeowner’s mobile device. 

Home security is the most popular upgrade, currently accounting for 36 percent of smart home upgrades. This is followed by entertainment (26 percent), climate control (20 percent) and lighting (18 percent). 

In prioritizing security systems as the preferred upgrade, users cite the ability to monitor and control the system while they are away from home as one of their primary motivators for choosing this type of upgrade. They also love being able to keep any eye on their loved ones to ensure that they are safe at all times. 

For entertainment systems, customers love that they can control the system from anywhere in the house so that they always have access to their favorite movies and TV shows, no matter which room they are in. Parents also enjoy having more control over what their children are watching, even when they are not at home. 

With lighting and climate control systems, the key benefits are enhanced comfort while in the home and the regulation of energy costs. Homeowners are better able to monitor their energy usage and make adjustments accordingly to reduce their overall usage as desired. 

Across all upgrade types, customers exhibit significantly more satisfaction with their smart home upgrades than do those who installed non-smart options. 



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