Alair Homes

Spring is here which means it is time to get the house and yard ready for summer entertaining. The professionals at Alair Homes recommend putting the following tasks on the spring home renovation to-do list.

Paint the House

The month of May is perfect for painting or staining a house and deck. This is due to the milder weather and extra daylight. Homes with exterior shingles may also require replacement pieces.

Check Outside Lighting

Lights on the porch, around landscaping, and in security systems should be checked to ensure they are in working order. Replace the bulbs and schedule routine maintenance as necessary.

Clean the Grill

Grills accumulate grease and require a thorough cleaning before each summer season begins. Use a special grill brush and scrub the grates with soap and warm water. All grilling tools should be cleaned and organized. Picking up a propane tank or bag of charcoal will save time later.

Inspect Bathrooms and Kitchens

Inspect fixtures to see if there are leaks. Use caulk around countertops and re-grout tile if necessary. Check drains for clogs and ensure the toilet is flushing and recovering correctly.

Check Safety Detectors

Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors should receive fresh batteries and be tested to make sure they are working. Fire extinguishers should be replaced if they are past the expiration date.

Dust Walls and Spot Paint

Use a static duster or a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust from walls, baseboards, and corners. Touch up paint where there are chips or marks that cannot be washed away.

Refresh Each Bedroom

Flip and rotate all mattresses to promote even wear. Put away heavy blankets and duvets and replace them with lighter summer bedding. Dust everything in each room, including lights fixtures, blinds, shutters, headboards, and nightstands.

Spring Clean the Laundry Room

Sweep and mop the floors, wash the counters, restock detergent, fabric softener, bleach, and other supplies. Run the washing machine through a complete hot-water cycle using vinegar or a special cleaner. Use a cloth to wipe off the rubber seals on both the washer and dryer doors. Remove the lint from the trap in the dryer.

Prepare Picnic Gear

Get picnic gear ready by placing a basket by the door and filling it with a blanket, dishes and silverware, a cutting board, a small knife, and a bottle opener. This will prevent having to pull everything together on the day of the outing.

Upgrade the Porch

Adding rocking chairs and a swing will make any porch a pleasant place to hang out during the summer months. Simple white curtains add shade and a touch of class. A ceiling fan will keep things cool and comfortable and is a simple home renovation.

Following the above tips will ensure a home is in good repair and top shape for barbecues, parties, and other fun this summer!