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One of the most popular places to spend time on residential properties is on the porch during the summer season. Many people enjoy taking in the views and sipping on lemonade while spending time in the warm weather. When you want to get more use out of your porch during the summer months, there are a few important steps from Alair Homes.

Shop at the Flea Market

Add extra charm and character to the space with flea market finds that are unique and are considered to be antique treasures. Containers, plants, and mirrors can create an eclectic setting that looks charming and boosts your home’s curb appeal. Don’t be afraid to have mismatched pieces to make a statement in the environment.

Create an Outdoor Dining Space

Make it easy to dine outdoors in the setting by creating a dining area that is pleasant. Choose a table that comfortably fits in the area and features enough seats where you can invite a few guests over. Add a few cushions to the chairs to make it easy to relax and stay comfortable when you want to spend a few hours making conversation with your family members and friends. Hang string lights overhead to continue using the space at night and illuminate the setting once the sun goes down.

Use a Swing

A swing will make the space look inviting and can also allow you to sit comfortably outdoors while taking in the views. You can hang it on the side of the porch, so the side of your neighbor’s house, or have it facing the front yard. Allow it to fit comfortably to ensure that you can softly swing back and forth while the seat is in use. Add a few decorative pillows for extra support and to enhance the design of the product.

Keep it Cool

Creating a cool and comfortable setting that will allow you to spend more time outdoors without heading inside. Install an outdoor ceiling fan that will circulate the air and can also create a cozy environment. The moving air will also prevent flies or mosquitos from coming into the area. Outdoor drapes can also be hung to make for a regal environment that blocks the sun and adds plenty of shade to the area.

Stencil a Special Message

Instead of adding a welcome mat near your front door, you can make the space look modern by stenciling a message to your guests. Stencil each word on the ground or the steps with a bit of paint. You can write, “Welcome” or “Hello,” which will add extra charm and will allow you to spend time in an uplifting environment.

Add Potted Plants

Potted plants and flowers will incorporate additional color in the area and can fill in bare areas that need extra detail. Potted plants will also create a cozier setting that blends in well with the yard by placing them in corners or near the front door.

When you want to spend the summer sitting outdoors on your property, there are a few ways to create a stylish and homey environment that is contemporary. With several pieces of furniture and decor put on display, your home will stand out in the neighborhood due to your eye-catching style.