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Although it seems as though summer was just in its nascent stages, back-to-school items are popping up all over the stores and social media. As much as you may want to stay in the season of barbecues, extra sunlight and more free moments, the time has come to organize your home for the new school year.

Organize Your Kitchen

When you consider the stream of events that take place before the kids go to school and when they arrive home, you probably realize that you spend a decent amount of time in the kitchen. If you have time for some renovations from Alair Homes, you may want to consider extra cabinets to really organize yourself. Put breakfast items in one cabinet and snacks in another one; make sure your kids know what items are where. Older kids can help themselves and perhaps even start preparing their own breakfasts. You can even do some meal preparation on Sundays so that your kids have healthy and nutritious breakfasts that don’t require weekday-morning effort on your part.

Clean the Bedrooms

If your children are old enough, they should help you with this component. Part of the morning struggle involves your kids not waking up on time and not knowing where their favorite shirts are. Buying an alarm clock is a good idea, but that’s not enough. Place it on the other side of the room; make sure that it’s set each night. When the alarm is right next to your children’s beds, they can just hit the snooze button, thereby slowing down the morning routine. If they have to get out of bed to shut it off, they are more likely to stay awake. Since North Carolina’s falls can be warm, you will want to still leave summer clothes in their closets, but as the season goes on, pack those items away. Your kids will feel less overwhelmed with fewer choices.

Keep School Items Together

Another issue arises when your children are frantically searching for their folders, homework assignments and pens as they are also trying to eat breakfast and make the bus on time. If you have the space in your house to set up an office or if you have the time and money to expand, consider dedicating a space specifically to items for school. For example, you can assign your kids a desk at which to complete their assignments and a bin to put their work in. When you don’t have room in the house itself to create this space, you can set it up in your children’s rooms.

Set Rules for After School

Since the weather is still nice out, your kids might want to race home and spend time with their friends outdoors. Teaching your kids to complete their homework before they go out to play is a valuable skill that can positively influence them in the future. When they are young, help them with time management. Set up a schedule with them so that they can plan their time after school appropriately. Eventually, they will need to harness these time-management skills for themselves, and you can provide them with a solid base.

Getting your home organized becomes increasingly important as the new school year approaches. Doing so can help to create a calmer environment for both you and your children.