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Harvard University researchers studied decision habits and concluded all of us are one or more of the five decision making type. The more understand how you make decisions, the better decisions you will make!

14% Visionary: If you are a visionary you like change, gather information relatively narrowly, and are strongly biased toward action but “may be too quick to rush in the wrong direction.

22% Guardian: Guardians are a model of fairness who preserves the health, balance, and values, have sound decision-making processes, try for fact-based choices, and plan carefully. You like continuity, are moderately cautious, and gather information relatively widely.

12% Motivator: As a Motivator, you are charismatic, enjoy convincing people of the need for action, and you build alignment among others. But like all good storytellers, you risk believing the story in the face of countervailing facts. You tend to gather information relatively narrowly, and strongly believe that self-interest prevails.

27% Catalyst: Catalysts are more balanced and stay centered during the decision making process although they slightly prefer action to caution and are slightly biased toward broadly, rather than narrowly, gathering information. The more extreme the necessary decision, the more you can naturally resist inherent biases.

25% Flexible: Flexible decision makers are more versatile than other types. They are comfortable with uncertainty, open minded in adapting to circumstances, and willing to involve a variety of people in the decision making process. They mildly lean to ad hoc approaches rather than formal processes and are fairly cautious.

Which type of decision maker are you? How about your spouse or any one else participating in the decision making process of your project?

Alair Homes has created a completely unique and 100% transparent process that helps our clients make smart, informed decisions regarding their project.