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Most people spend their adult lives trying to find the perfect home for their family. While many of those people are able to achieve this goal, others find it a tad bit more difficult. Sometimes, it’s better to build your dream home from the ground up rather than hoping to find it vacant and for sale. If you’re one of the people who’ve decided to build your own dream home, here are some things you should bring when it’s time to meet with your custom home builder.

1. A Point of Contact

While your builder is in the process of creating your luxury dream home, there may be questions your builder needs to have answered or problems that could arise. Your builder will need these questions answered or these problems solved in a timely manner by someone who is completely knowledgeable about the layout of your home, the intricate details, and the desired style. It is very important that when you meet with your custom home builder that you leave a point of contact with them. This includes a name, a work number, a home number, and an e-mail address.

2. A Budget

Your builder will be in charge of keeping the construction of your deluxe dream home to a strict budget that you designate based on your available financial resources. It is vital that you bring a copy of your construction budget with you when you meet with your custom home builder. You should also provide your builder with a detailed breakdown of the budget so they know how much money to spend on each part of the construction process.

3. A List of Dos and Don’ts

Your contractor will be in charge of adding the minute details of your dream home. While you may leave a broad overview of things you’d like done and fixtures you’d like installed, you won’t be able to think of all the details. Your builder will be left to fill in the blanks with their own best judgment. Because of this, it’s best that you create a list of things you enjoy about your current home and things you don’t. This will give your builder a guide on how to tailor your dream home’s details to your liking.

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4. The Layout

One of the most important items your contractor should have is the layout or blueprint of your dream home. While the layout may not be precise down to an exact measurement, it’s always helpful to leave a set of blueprints with them so that they can get a sense of how the home should be built, the placement of walls, the number of floors, number of rooms, and where the bathrooms and kitchen are so that they can figure out how to run the plumbing.

5. Other Important Documents

When you decide to hire a professional home building company, like Alair Homes, they will want to ensure that all of the proper paperwork has been filed with the appropriate institutions. As an example, when you meet with your contractor, you should bring paperwork proving that you’ve taken out a loan to provide the financial resources for the budget, building permits, deeds proving that you own the lot, and pictures or sketches of ideas for your home’s final appearance.