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You have finally decided to move into your dream home, and now you have to decide if you want to build a custom home or buy an existing home.

It may seem cheaper to buy an existing home than building it from the ground up. You can work with a realtor to select your property, and you only have to wait several months to move in. However, an existing home may not have all the features you are looking for in your dream home. It may include outdated appliances or an undesirable layout. You may have to go through the renovation process just to get your home the way you want it.

Making structural changes to an existing home means spending the money to knock down walls or relocate windows. You may wind up spending more on renovating an existing home than building one from scratch.

Here are five reasons to build a custom home instead of buying an existing home.

Energy Efficient

A custom home is built with modern features such as energy efficient amenities. Every aspect of your new home is designed to save energy and water. This includes your new appliances and plumbing fixtures. There are many existing homes that do not feature energy efficient amenities, and you could be spending extra money to make the necessary changes.

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Healthy Atmosphere

There are many existing homes full of mold, mildew, lead and asbestos, and these elements could be dangerous for you and your family. A brand new home is not full of the toxic materials that are hazardous to your health.

Modern Technology

You can have your custom home designed with modern technology, such as a security system with controls linked to your smartphone. The modern features range from a programmable thermostat to a digital shower control. You may even want solar features to fit your green lifestyle. The best part is you can choose which modern technologies to include in your new home.

Great Investment

Building a custom home is a great investment in the long run. It is full of the amenities you need for a modern lifestyle. You do not have to spend the extra money on maintenance and repairs because it is a new home. Your custom home even includes a warranty that covers the materials and structural elements.

Dream Home

The best part of building a custom home is you have control over the design. Are you looking to create an open floor plan? Maybe you have always wanted a split-level home. Once you choose your layout, you can start choosing your features and amenities. You may want a walk-in closet, spacious basement or upper deck. You can envision your home and bring it to life with your custom home project.

Are you planning to build a custom home instead of buying an existing home? The first step is to contact Alair Homes to find a qualified home builder in your area. The company specializes in building custom homes, but you can also find a contractor for a remodel or renovation.